Every day that I see someone who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in my medical practice, I’m constantly reminded that the majority of these individuals and interested family members have many questions. These generally focus on three important topics:
  1. What is COPD?
  2. Why am I short of breath?
  3. Are treatments available to help me breathe easier?

COPD: Answers to Your Questions

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  • List price: $14.95; 112 Pages
  • ✓   It’s written expressly for those with COPD and their families.
  • ✓   it provides answers to these frequently asked questions and concerns:
  1. Can you help me quit smoking?
  2. Can you help me breathe easier?
  3. How should I use my inhalers?
  4. Do I need oxygen?
  5. Will pulmonary rehabilitation help me?
  6. What is a COPD exacerbation?
  7. Will my breathing get worse? Will I die from COPD?

Praise for COPD: Answers to Your Questions

August 2016   “Best praise for a book: Read in entirety, put on the shelf, taken down for specific topic, put back up, taken down…….it makes the trip from shelf to shelf as I go from summer place in the Northeast to winter in the Southwest. I especially like the use of vignettes as verbal illustrations.” Helen Stork Burke, VT and Las Cruces, NM field-1447688__180 “This is a terrific book for people who have or are interested in COPD. Its straightforward, informative chapters and clear illustrations deliver a comprehensive expert guide accessible to patients and those close to them. The section about oxygen and its relation to energy for leading an enjoyable, productive life I found especially interesting. But that’s just one example among many COPD subjects Doctor Mahler illuminates. Must reading for those of us with COPD concerns.” Gerry Stork, Burke VT, spouse of COPD patient
“This book answered all my questions. I would recommend it for everyone.” – Joanne Vancil (February 2016)singing_children_197501  
“Dr. Mahler’s book is an easy-to-read and very inclusive collection of the questions all of us who suffer from COPD have, and the doctor’s clear, concise answers to those questions. Additionally, the book delivers important insights to partners and families who need to deal with the disease. Of the several books on COPD I’ve read, COPD: Answers to Your Questions takes first place as the most straight-forward, best-organized and best-written layperson’s text on the subject. Thanks Dr. Mahler for your caring and support.”  -Dempster Leech, Bellows Falls, VT
This is a ‘must read’ for all COPD patients, their families and caregivers. I never realized how little I knew about COPD, even though I was diagnosed several years back, until I read this book. It is easily the most complete information I have received. It is easy to read and understand, offers all the latest treatments and medications combined with very helpful information, tips and suggestions to aid you in getting the most out of living with COPD. Thank you Dr. Mahler.” – Lois R. Collins, Claremont, NH stock-photo-what-a-turkey-110142998
“I can’t tell you how much she has learned about COPD and I believe the knowledge she has gained has empowered her in coping with the condition.”
 – Leslie Collins, daughter of Lois R. Collins
  “I found the book to be ‘on point’ in explaining COPD in a concise and understandable way. From causation and symptoms through diagnosis and treatment, the words guide patient and family members gently, but firmly along the way. I think all COPD patients and family members, as well as friends and co-workers, would gain much insight into the physiological effects of this disease and a much clearer picture of what to do about it. – Susan McNeely, Protorsville, VT  
“COPD: Answers to My Questions” has been very helpful for me to remember all the discussions about various topics with my pulmonologist. The information about COPD is easy to understand. The last chapter prompted my husband and me to meet with our lawyer to update our living will and power of attorney for health care.”  – Judy Barrett, Elkins, NH
“Dr. Mahler’s book is not so much about what COPD is, but more about how to live with it.  It answers questions that are asked by both the patient and caregiver in regards to day to day living.  Having COPD myself, I found the book to be extremely helpful and wish I had a resource like this when I was first diagnosed.”
– Marcia Farmer, Ascutney, VT
“COPD: Answers To Your Questions is a ‘must’ read for anyone living with chronic breathing problems.  Thank you Dr. Mahler for sharing this practical and invaluable guide.”
 – John Kiernan, New London, NH
“Congratulations on a great book. 
I found it very informative, easy to understand and a must for all of us with COPD. It’s factual and positive approach is reassuring. 
As someone who has for so long mainly spoken medical speak, you are to be complimented for this Everyman book.”Martin Johnson, South Strafford, VT
Pouring oil“Easy to read and understand with helpful information for every stage of the disease. Wish we would’ve found this resource earlier.”  — Sarah H   spring_image_silver_creek_storage_park_city   “Dr Mahler’s book is the most informative book I have read on this topic and has delivered to people with COPD an invaluable tool that can be referenced to when questions arise. It provides the knowledge to know important questions to ask their doctor in relation to their own medical needs. I believe it is a ‘must read’ for people with COPD and also for the people who share their lives with them.”  — Carl Small, Quechee, VT

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