• Introduction to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

    Introduction to understanding COPD for those with the condition and their family members. (3:10)

  • What is COPD?

    Explains how COPD develops in different parts of the lung due to cigarette smoking and/or inhaling irritants (dust; fumes; smoke) in the air. (2:11 )

  • What Causes COPD?

    Shows the different causes of COPD including smoking cigarettes and inhaling irritants in the air. (1:55)

  • Treating COPD

    Describes different treatments available to help those with COPD breathe easier. (2:32)

  • Medicines For Treatment of COPD

    Describes different type of medications (inhalers and pills) to help make it easier to breathe for those with COPD. (3:39)

  • Key Points About COPD – What is It? and Available Treatments

    Describes the importance of having a health care team knowledgeable about COPD. It also emphasizes the importance of not smoking, staying active, and using medicines to help you breathe. (1:43)

  • How To Use An Inhaler Correctly

    Describes correct inhaler use for individuals with obstructive airway disease. (21:19)